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June 05, 2017


Sometimes in life, you hit a bump in the road, a stop sign and you experience some down time. Now how you deal with that defines you, I believe that. life could be must worse, I believe that too. But what I don't believe in is sitting there and just accepting it. 

If you follow me you may have noticed I've not been as active on social media and my blog. Whether you've noticed or not, or care or not I'm writing this post either way! Its strange, 6 months ago I had everything I have now.. the only thing thats changed is my job which has progressed my career and given me a pay rise too. I was so much happier back then and I'm not going to get TOO personal, but I have a hunch why.

Mags and I have plans for the near future which will change things significantly. Maybe its the thought of that so close yet so far away which is wanting me to just be numb and live on auto pilot. One part of me just can't bare to wait at all. Ive never really been in the position where the 'bad' has SUCH good perks. Usually the bad is just bad and I change it and move on. But this time it seems like I just have to live it out. I know it will be one of those 'you'll thank me later' things, but the miserable voice in my head is becoming constant, she's growing on me. 

I truly do believe in the rule of attraction so Ive listed some things below which help me when I'm down.. for me, you and your loved ones.

1. The Secret - watch the film, read the book or just google some quotes. Your whole WORLD may change.

2. Watch Talks - They are so inspiring, and the guest speakers are very intelligent. I always learn some new positive way to live my life.

3. Do what makes YOU happy - Sometimes the things that make me happy are the little things in life.

If this will help a family member or friend you can share this easily below..

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