May 08, 2017


'The Restaurant - Broadway Casino'

Heres a post all about how you can treat that one special person in your life to an amazing, authentic and admirable evening which is also super affordable! If you want to treat your partner, family member, parent or just want to have great food with great company then I would definitely recommend 'The Restaurant.'

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I would like to say a huge thank you to Roberto, Stefano and all of the amazing people at 'Broadway Casino - The Restaurant' for having us and without a doubt giving the best casino and restaurant experience! The meal was complimentary and it is something I would definitely recommend to everyone. The ambience was very relaxing and luxury yet very affordable, you can see the menu by clicking below:

Roberto was Born and raised in Italy, he has a genuine passion for the cuisine of his country. He planted his roots in hospitality back in Rome where he worked as a maitre d’ in top hotels for several years, before moving to Birmingham in 1993. He worked his way through the ranks and became a Restaurant Manager working in prestigious restaurants throughout the city and beyond.

Stefano is is one of the new, most notable chefs at ‘The Restaurant’. Stefano also grew up in Italy and has catered for celebrities, top models and high net worth individuals across Spain, Ibiza and of course, Birmingham. Stefano has a flair for combining flavours– which is something he has emulated, and mastered across all of the new menus at Broadway Casino. 

On arrival we were greeted by the Restaurant manager Roberto and he served us this amazing Prosecco cocktail called Punto which has Dry Martini, Martini Bianco, Martini Rosso Cointreau, and Prosecco with a cherry maraschino from Fabbri. This cocktail was very sweet and refreshing and it featured sugar around the rim which gave it a nice finishing touch. If you love Prosecco like me but like to try new things, then this may be your new favourite cocktail! The cocktail has the  lightness of Prosecco and a twist with a cherry at the bottom.

Our first taste of authentic Italian food was a delicious plate of Antipasto Misto which had, Parma Ham San Daniele,Bresaola, Spianata Calabrese, Mozzarella Burrata from Puglia, Mortadella di Bologna, grilled  artichokes  Served with Bread Pane Di Altamura (Puglia) This was so delicious, light and everything complimented each other. I couldn't get enough of the Mozzarella Burrata and bread, I almost filled myself up with the light & fluffy yet intense taste of cheese. ahhhh.

We indulged in a smooth red wine from Italy named Ripasso Della Valpolicella with Nick Name Baby Amarone. Im not the biggest fan of red wine, but this bottle was simply delicious with a smooth after taste which went perfectly along side my main course. The wine was preserved from 2005, and one of the chefs recommendation's - from then on we agreed to try everything the manager and chef recommended. Roberto the Manager & Stefano head Chef are two incredible chef's with a passion for GREAT food and since having the wine and starter I was more than happy to try every recommendation they had. 

I LOVE Italian food and I'm a little fussy so the chef suggest I try a chicken dish which was not on the menu. The dish above is called Pollo Ripieno which means chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and spinach; served in a delicious cream of paprika sauce. The first mouthful of this dish was insane and I couldn't believe how incredible the taste was. The simplicity of authentic and fulfilling food needs no extras like fries or potatoes to fill you up. The paprika sauce really finished of the dish it had a smokey, creamy taste with a little kick. The sauce was so good, I was wiping up the last drops with my vegetables to try and savour the taste!

THE PUDDING. Now as you all know already I highly recommend visiting The Restaurant not only to experience high quality food, ambience and service. But to also, venture out into different flavours and foods you wouldn't usually try. Since the menu is so affordable, you can't really go wrong. Both Roberto & Stefano are professional chefs who cater to you preference, and know how to please their customers. 

The dessert was a Cannoli Sicilian, served with Ice cream Pistachio Di Bronte Sicily. Again, the bursting flavours of real, priceless food was amazing. I LOVE pistachio ice-cream, and like I said before Im a little fussy with food but the dessert which featured Ricotta cheese completemented the ice-cream and the flavours were unforgettable. 

*no money was bet - the game was purely for fun - play responsibly* 

We we lucky enough to play a few games in the casino just for fun. We decided to play Roulette, which is a very addictive and FAST win/loose game which I would probably never play with real money HAHA. I lost about 10 times and won big once. But the thrill was a great way to start the night off. 

visit the casino website here: Broadway Casino

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