May 26, 2017


If you haven't been to a hair dressers in a long time (like me) ask yourself why? If the reason is because its not affordable or they don't know how to style/work with your hair type.. then I have a affordable, versatile solution for you.
I was lucky enough to go down to Super Cuts in Ealing Broadway to try out their hair treatments to review. If some of you have already been to Supercuts, what do you think of it? Super cuts has so much to offer from treatments, hair colour and much more! The best thing about Super Cuts is that they have a no appointment policy for those hectic schedules and unforeseen circumstances. Expert stylists offer  hair cuts from just £14.95, colour packages from £48.00 or a blow dry from only £15.45.

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If you haven't been to Supercuts before you may be thinking 'do they cater for my hair type?' If your not thinking that you may be thinking, 'Hairdressers? Who has the time and MONEY for that? Well I have mixed/afro hair type naturally, even the hair you see in this blog post is my hair with the Brazilian treatment in it, so its not at its full curly potential! But YES they do many different hair types.. just call before you book an appointment to see if a hair specialist who can do you hair is in on the day.


And money is no issue. With treatments starting at just £5 you can't go wrong! The treatment that I received, including a cut & blow-dry would have only cost around £40! Which I know is a lot more affordable than many other salons. There are many Super cuts salons so there is sure to be one close to you!

Danielle, the stylist who did my hair was so bubbly and chatty, as you can see in the pictures we had a right old laugh! She made me feel welcomes, relaxed and she was also talking to Mags who found her a good laugh! Not only was she funny, but she's an expert who continued to give me advice specified to my hair style, and the current technique I use to look after it. As soon as I left I ran to Savers UK and bought everything she advised! 

Danielle did not straighten my hair as I said it was straight enough, but when I got home I did go over it with the straighteners. The blow-dry had my hair dead straight the WHOLE day. It was still straight before I straightened it, but I knew if I slept on it, the old roots would sweat out! haha!

I would definitely recommend Supercuts to anyone who requires expert hair styling, which is flexible and affordable.

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