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March 05, 2017

go hard or go home #iamreckless

"Go hard or go home" is a saying I truly believe in and I am from now on, going to start living by.  Sometimes our minds are conceived by organised mess, endless to do lists and unfulfilled dreams. 

Blogging for example. Those of you who have been following me from the very start will know I have been an on and off Blogger and Youtuber for literally years and years. I have always gone hard and then gone home. I have recently come back after a 8 month long break from the Blogging & Youtube world - my longest break yet and to be honest I'm nervous, anxious, tired and so so happy. I refuse to give up and live a life wondering what would have - could have happened if I kept at it.

I honestly don't see ANY reason for anyone to do anything if your not going to put in 100% to push, learn and develop yourself. So, as you can clearly tell, I'm back    and I want to be better than ever. I want my posts to have meaning, purpose and I want to know I have done everything possible to make this an engaging and creative piece. 

Whatever it is you are passionate about in life, remember you deserve to be happy and you deserve to live life EXACTLY the way you want. Push yourself, do the best you can, don't compare yourself and listen to your heart.

Back to this outfit, I love pink, I love silver and frills are totally in this season. This awesome silver crushed heel boots were sent to me from Thank you soooo much for the shoes, they are my new babies! This whole outfit costs only £63 - shop the links below. :)

Sunglasses - Primark


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