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February 26, 2017

BECAUSE. Bershka & Primark

Okay, so this fashion post is all about the 'Delivery Girl, Sports Luxe, Utility' look - trend I found on Missguided and Boohoo which you can find below. It features denim, hoodies, chunky boots and I have clashed soft with hard when it comes to colour and style. I would have loooved to add fishnet tights, but I completely forgot to buy some! Oopsie. As you can see there is a running theme with my blog recently, and it's this shade of pink - salmon if you would like :) I'm one of those girls who is in
either wearing something wakey, all pink or all black/grey. So for this post, I decided to blend my two favourite colours together.

This super cool pink BECAUSE hoodie is from Bershka in Marble Arch, I love how it has a sporty feel and features a big hood. The jumper is cropped, but It's not as tight as I'm wearing it here, I tie the back up with a hair band - I actually wear tops and jumpers like this, so iI's not just for the blog :) This jumper was around £20-£30 and I bought a size medium. 

This denim skirt was bought from Primark for a super cheap £11. I love the fit of this skirt as I'ts quite tight around the waist and fits my curvy hips, Primark also offer this skirt in a knee length version. There is a unique cut to the skirts waist, it has a cut out area which looks quite sexy, you can find a closer look at this on my youtube channel this week.

This grunge leather look jacket was ALSO from Primark! It only cost £25 and the quality (for Primark) is soo good! I love the over-sized boyfriend feel it has. I feel like i'm wearing my boyfriends jacket :)

Then here are my faaaav chunky boots ever from River Island! They are currently on sale so try and grab some while you can. The heel is super chunky, and they are so easy to walk in.

get the look:

- Sorry I don't think the hoodie is available online as I can't find it. But I bought it in Marble Arch recently, so should still be in stock :)

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