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May 09, 2016


Heyoooo, sorry I haven't posted this weekend! Been posting like crazy recently, I was just enjoying doing nothing! BUT here come a little back log of fashion posts for ya! So you will have an EXTRA post tonight, and the usual Tuesday, Friday + Sunday posts! PLUUSSS at least TWO new youtube videossss Yayyy! Be sure to subscribe, links always, always below.

So you know me, I'm back again with another full Primani outfit. You can also see many more primarni outfits on my Primania page... HERE.. These outfits are also featured in my Huge April Primark Haul which you can watch HERE

I'm soo feeling anything that can cover up my hairy legs on a day I need a quick epilation top up but don't have time (lol). This full length trouser is super comfy, I bought them in a size 14. They feature a super long pull string, with a tassel.. you might need to find a way to hide/shorten that, may get caught/tangled. This crop top was a super affordable £1.50.. It was bought a year or two ago, but has lasted and is super simple so I can wear it again and again.

Now to the main focus of the post, the bombberrrrr. You need to grab yourself a bomber for this summer, its super fashionable, and stores are featuring many different styles, at super affordable prices...This is probably my third bomber post, sorry :D but they are all super different, and cater to many different occasions. This bomber is very light, with a silky touch material and only costs £15! Plus this colour is perfect for this/next season. Think autumnal! 

get the look:

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