June 02, 2015


If you're anything like me, you love clothes but you love not being penniless even more. It's not always easy for a fashionista to keep herself in style on a budget, but you can do it. If you prefer to
be ethical and eco-friendly, buying your clothes from cheap shops might not be for you. But clothing doesn't last forever. Luckily, there are so many smart things you can do to upcycle the items you don't wear anymore. You can turn them into other wearable pieces or make other projects for around the house. Use these tips to revamp and repurpose your tired old clothes.

Finding Materials

When you decide that you want to upcycle some clothes, they don't even need to be clothes you already own. You can go to charity shops and second-hand stores, plus look at sites like eBay, and find cheap items you can use. It doesn't even need to be anything you like. If you see a beautiful fabric but it's shaped into a hideous dress that's much too big, it could be a good thing. It will give you plenty of material to work with if you want to make something new. You can also keep anything that you could use to decorate clothes. Maybe you have some beads from a broken bracelet or a ribbon from a present.

Embellishing Whole Pieces

Sometimes you have clothes that are basically fine, but you're just bored with them. A few small changes could make them much more exciting, without having to cut them up and make something new. You could dye a dress a different colour, sew a line of beads onto a neckline or add a patch of colourful embroidery to a dull skirt. You can do a lot of these fixes in just a few minutes if your sewing skills are fast enough. So if you've got nothing to wear, you could whip up something new right before you go out the door.

Creating New Clothes

If you're feeling braver, you could take some old clothes and make something entirely new. These projects work best when you have lots of material to work with. If you've seen the Great British Sewing Bee, you probably noticed they use large shirts or floaty dresses to make smaller items. If you think you'll be doing this projects a lot, it's a good idea to look at mannequins for sale, as well as investing in things like a good pair of sewing scissors. You might want to start making clothes from scratch too.

Projects for Your Home

You don't just have to make clothes from your clothes. There are lots of household items you can create that look great. For example, you can use an old cardigan to make a cushion cover with a row of buttons down the front. T-shirts are also great for making pillows, and you can use old jeans to create a bag. If you have lots of spare fabric strips, you can use them for anything from rugs to coasters.

Upcycling your clothes is a great thing to do on a rainy day. And it's even better when you get to tell people that you made something yourself when they ask where you bought it.

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