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June 12, 2015


Hey Guys! So here is another trend which I think is worth buying in to this SS15! The Khaki trend comes and goes quite frequently, the main thing is, that is does come back into fashion! Its a good
idea to add this into your wardrobe early on, since its going to be a strong summer trend, and these colours are so autumnal that you can wear the pieces right through to winter! This post includes some suggestions you can add to your wardrobe from Miss Guided, BooHoo, Swell and Pull & Bear.

You can wear this trend many ways, my favourite way to wear this trend is to go for a sports luxe look. This may include joggers or a jumper but feature some heels or a blazer. Similar to a smart/casual look.

I would suggest trying H&M and Forever 21 for some stylish, affordable pieces. I have hand picked a few key items which are buy now-wear now ready! I hope this post helped, if it did please give it a share & don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' for free affordable updates!

When I saw this skirt I fell in love! A faux leather skirt is sexy, but the khaki colour can really change the look. Like I said in my last post, when it comes to personal styling no rules apply! So if your worried because its faux leather and its summer, but you want to wear the skirt... then who cares!! If you don't, then thats all that matters - work it.

2. Boohoo - Khaki Sophie Strappy Sleeve Loose Fit Top
For London weather, this loose top is great for those days where its 'Sunny Intervals' if you know what I mean. Those days where you wear hot pants and a crop top and as soon as the sun takes an 'interval' you freeze your ass off. This top will keep you cool yet warm if needs be. You can always wear a crop top underneath and wrap this around your waste if its a warmer day, then you are prepared for the snow later on - haha. Fun fact for ya, on June 2nd 1975 it snowed in London - you've been warned. 

3. Pull & Bear Ripped Jeans
You best grab these jeans asaaap. They are in the sale for an amazing £9!! Say whaat? I know, I love them too. They are a boyfriend loose fit jean which features a very popular trend - ripping. I just love the unique colour of these, they are great again for the sunny interval days since the jeans are not tight, and are ripped, your legs can breath. They will also be great for autumn, winter - you name it. The colour is very versatile and is also very autumnal.

4. Swell - Dirty Laundry East Ender Laced Sandal
I picked these sandals because sometimes I find it hard to find sandals which fit my foot. Which don't make my foot look any wider than it already is. If you have wide feet like me then finding shoes in Primark for 'wider feet' are just lush! I bought a sandal the other day - (which will feature in my next Primark haul) they fit perfectly! These sandals feature a material which can stretch and give your foot room to move and breath. Its a very modern way of looking at the gladiator sandal, and they look lush!

Which Khaki items are you adding to your wardrobe this season? If you liked this post then feel free to share it below - or follow me on Bloglovin' for free affordable updates! Thanks for reading!!

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