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June 07, 2015


When I saw this burnt orange light jacket in H&M a few weeks ago, I completely fell in love! FYI They also have some wide leg trousers in the exact same colour/material - lush! I was in H&M
looking for blogging material and tried this jacket on a few times and thought to myself, no - you don't need it. But days went by and I sort of missed it? haha, anyone else ever 'missed' something they never bought?? My motto is if you leave it and miss it or feel you need it and will get lots of use out of it, then its definitely worth the money. This jacket costs around £35 and its your everyday light jacket which can easily be styled up or down.

So thats why here I went for a casual look which can easily be styled up for a night out. I think the fact that I wear body con skirts in the summer, apart from the fact that its hot is because sometimes we like to go out after work. Maybe shopping or for a few drinks and this outfit can transition from day to night very simply. Imagine me wearing high heels with this and dadaaaa I'm ready for my night out! I think in the summer my favourite thing to wear is a body con skirt and a crop top, it just screams Siana! haha. Its a very comfortable and an easy outfit to wear for many reasons (unless I'm bloated) whops. 

This Forever21 body con skirt only costs around £7 and is sooo super comfy and a good, thick material but doesn't make me sweat on the hotter days. And although this crop top is faux leather, its a very thin light material which doesn't feel or look cheap at all. It has a very unique design which is easy to move in, and just make this £12.99 top look more high end! My trainers are frommm my bae Primark and only costs £12, I think they look fab and they are so super comfy I could literally wear them all day!

I thought I would share this outfit now, because I like the fact that we can wear whatever we want, whenever we want. Just because its summer doesn't mean we cant wear black, or trousers, or leather etc. There are no rules when it comes to personal style and fashion and I hope everyone out there is brave enough to dismiss fashion trend/rules if they want to and wear whatever they feel most comfortable in. Except wearing your pjs and a glass of wine shopping - you might get into trouble. So I've heard.

hehe, thanks for reading guys.. what are you planning on wearing this summer??

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1 comment:

  1. Love that skirt, Siana; such a gorgeous print. And that jacket is such a lovely colour on you x