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May 15, 2015


Bright whites is a trend which is both daring and classic. Daring because it takes some courage to walk out of the house head to toe in white, with an foreseen destiny to return all in grey/brown. Haha
, maybe its just me who Isn't scared of getting a little dirty - sometimes I purposely go for that look. 

But wearing all white, gives a very classic look to any outfit. It helps an outfit look clean, finished and simply stylish - making it look effortless. I don't own much white, but what I do own, always ends up with rings of brown makeup around the neckline. Not to fear, my nan taught me that washing pure white clothes on their own and adding bleach into the mix (or soaking them in bleach prior) leaves your whites, bright. I have sensitive skin and this has never affected me before, but just be cautious! 

I have hand picked a few items above which would be great additions to any wardrobe, they are affordable stylish and bang on trend!

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I love a good crop top in the summer. I always pair a crop top with a pair of high waisted flare trousers or a body con skirt. I specially picked this one from River Island because its currently in the sale! I would suggest going to Primark or Forever 21 for a few cheap crops - but this one is only a fiver and will be much better quality - grab it while you can!

Crochet is the material for spring summer 2015. Be it an additional feature on a top or bottoms it changes the piece from stylish to fashionable. Its a 70s style must-have and is available in many different shapes, sizes and colours. I picked this boxy top simply because of its unique design, and friendly price tag!

I bought a dress exactly like this from H&M but cheaper. I got mine for only £9.99 and I bought it last week in Harrow, London. This dress has more detail on it, and a better style. The arms are flared and the patterns are more original. My dress has a lovely pattern, but it repeats itself all the way down. Still.. I'm in love and I'm wearing it to Park Life this June - who's going?? & no, I'm not worried about it getting dirty, ha it was only a tenner and like I said - sometimes I purposely go for that look.

OMG, these pants are just lush! What more can I say? Except have a look at this website, I must admit some pieces are priiceyyy, but then they have some amazing affordable bits which I just haven't seen anywhere before... I chose these pants, because I can see them going with around 60% of my wardrobe! There is also a nautical/stripe trend bouncing around and these will be a great addition to your wardrobe. They look super comfy, and I would literally just live in these - ha!

CONCLUSION: White will never go out of fashion - so buy it because you can wear it forever. ha. thanks for reading :)

Sooooo if you think this post was useful then please share it to all your lovely mates to help them achieve this trend! Buttons below.. X

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