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May 13, 2015


The best part about being a Visual Stylist is that I am forever being creative, in one way or another. We created this fashion and trend board to help inspire and remind us and the rest of the staff, of
current fashion trends which relate to clothing we sell in store. This was so fun to do, as I was gathering images and researching current trends, I was also gaining a lot of current need-to-know knowledge which will help me not only in work, but for my personal content too.

I was looking over my past blog outfit posts and realised I have slightly swayed away from outfits I would actually wear, and am leaning more towards what I think is different and affordable. So from now on, you will see outfits I would generally wear, and purchase - back to how I posted before February. I have a few outfit posts in the pipe line - which I have now decided not to publish. I want my content to be well thought through, and something I would personally want to see and something that I want to be really proud of.

So, this post, instead of me just showing you my mood board, I am also going to show you the current trends I think are worth buying into. As you know already, I try to stay away from fashion pieces, unless they are going to weather more than one season.. and I have hand picked a few which I think are worth investing in! The first post will be called WHITE-ON-WHITE and will be live on Friday! So follow me on Bloglovin for free updates sent straight to your email!

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