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May 23, 2015


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If you’re anything like me, you’ll have your eye on a few different festivals this year. Im going to my first festival this year and I love the fact that there are no holds barred when it comes to fashion.
You can wear anything and everything your heart desires! Go all out, and wear things you never would have dreamed of before. That’s what I plan on doing anyway -
there may be a full lace maxi dress involved! Here are a few of my favourite tips for putting festival style together:

Festival Makeup Tips

I am excited to experiment with my festival makeup, however, full length mirrors or a clean bathroom are usually non existent so I’ll have to do this with the help of a small mirror and a lot of practice beforehand! I love a simple yet extravagant eye makeup look, maybe even some glitter for festivals. If I’m not going too heavy on the eyes, then I’ll do a bold lip instead. I know one girl who used fishnets to spray paint scaley-looking things onto her face for a mermaid effect. I love stuff like that! Bindis can look really cool, and you can arrange them in different ways on your face depending on the effect you’d like to achieve. Oh, and temporary tattoos are a must, I bought some from Primark recently and will be recording a tutorial very soon. A few carefully placed temporary tattoos can really set off your look.

Festival Hair Styles

Festival hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few I think are perfect to keep you looking great all day long. I love the French plaited look, especially 2 of them either side of the head. Im thinking of getting this done myself, but not sure if it will last two whole days? Ha! Space buns can look really cool, and are a favourite of Miley Cyrus! I also love messy, bed hair with a floral crown placed on top. I bought a lovely one from Primark its featured in a few posts back and only cost a fiver!

Festival Outfits

My outfits will vary depending on how I feel. Sometimes I like the boho, Vanessa Hudgens feel, others I like to look a bit like a 90s kid! There are just so many options. Wearing swimming costumes with shorts, unitards, and crop tops are all popular. Going for floaty trousers and a light top is another good choice. I think I’ll probably go for something that allows me to dance more; more than likely a dress! A bumbag is a must no matter what you’re wearing. Again, I bought one from Primark for £6, just be sure to check whats allowed and not allowed at your festival. Don’t be silly and wear things like heels! You want to look gorgeous at the festival, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Festivals get muddy, slippy, and crazy. Heels are not for festivals. Wear trainers, wellies, or even sandals - just watch your feet.

Festival Accessories

When it comes to festival accessories, I think forget less is more; more is more. I don't usually wear earrings, but a festival is a great time to experiment - the more earrings the better, I might also add an ear cuff. I love wearing a ton of bangles, and necklaces layered up too. The more necklaces the better! Depending on what I’m wearing, I’ll add a body chain for a little extra edginess.

I hope you’re inspired by my festival style this year and use it to create some amazing looks of your own. What are you wearing this year?? Remember to follow me on bloglovin' for free affordable updates!

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