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February 04, 2015


If you're like me and have sensitive skin, then trying new beauty products can be a anxious experience, and sometimes a waste of time and money. Other times you will find products which are fun and new, yet agree with your skin type.  
I have been using either Dove soap or Oilatum since I was born because I have sensitive skin. I would suffer from eczema on the back of my knees and elbows which would cause discomfort, I would have to be very careful as to what products I was using on my skin.

Luckily for me, I grew out of that phase and am now able to branch out slightly with what beauty products I used day to day. I am still sometimes a little cautious about what I pay for, so I can assume that like me, most of you would just stick to what we know works best for us. But trying something new after using one product for most of your life was actually a refreshing, exciting and fun experience. 

The natural black mud mask soap which is available in Boots for £3.75 is a great, natural and cost effective way of eradicating spots and blemishes as well as getting rid of dried skin and stimulates blood circulation. It is also really soothing for those that may be suffering from eczema, psoriasis and acne. The soap is pure and un-perfumed and removes dead skin cells and impurities. It is made according to an old family recipe using olive, palm coconut and vegetable oil. It is free of detergents and animal fat and filled with the unique minerals of the Dead Sea.

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Pros & Cons of Black Mud Mask Soap

The first thing I noticed about using the soap is that is has a very unique smell. Now I do apologise because I am the worst for guessing the ingredients or fragrances of products, so I actually have no idea what the smell is, all I know it that it smells nice. A bit of a no brainer, but it cleansed me well and I noticed the soap removing dead skin cells right from the start. 

There were two main things which were disappointing about the soap, one of which was probably my fault. The first is that the soap would leave black marks around my shower. I usually leave my soap on the floor of my shower when leaving and it would leave a black rim/mark where the soap was. Its probably best that I used a soap holder from now on, like most shower owners, but anyways its just one to think about. The second thing was it took a little bit of time for my skin to adjust to the soap since I have forever used Dove soap, which is a moisturising soap. I suggest, since it is like a 'mask' for the body, that you don't use this as your everyday soap, since it is removing skin cells. Similar to a face scrub, its not recommended for everyday usage.

I would definitely recommend this soap to you guys if you are experiencing certain annoying skin conditions, as this soap is very unique and uses a lot of use natural ingredients to improve the condition of your skin. The soap comes with a little booklet, and with that it tells you that you can also use the soap and leave it on your body for a few minutes for better results. 

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