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December 16, 2014

*wrap me up - layering textures

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I know, I know its bloody freezing, to be fair its not as cold as previous years. But yes, when it comes to wearing a wrap your best bet is to layer that bad boy up to keep yourself stylish yet warm. On a day to day basis I'm not a huge fan of layering because I literally get ready for work in about 4 mins and wear a jumper every. single. day. But when im freeeee to wear whatever I want on my days off, I
love to experiment and wear my nicer clothes which usually have me avoiding the jumpers, and feeling a little chilly. But yes, like I said slyly layering up your outfits will help during the colder days. For example, my knee high boots cover quite a bit of my leg, and wearing long socks underneath gives an extra layer on top of my tights. You can also wear a thermal long sleeved top with this outfit which will also help you stay warm. The fur collar doesn't only add personality and style it also warms up your chest and neck.

I know you may be thinking that what I am saying is pre school and everybody knows this, but everybody doesn't know this, so booo you whore. Anyways, my boots, skirt, wrap and fur collar are from Primark and my top was gifted from Miss Tempted.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you took some inspiration from my outfit :)

Shoes - Primark - £20
Skirt - Primark - £10
Top - Miss Tempted - Gifted
Wrap - Primark - £14
Fur Collar - Primark (off a leather jacket) - £25-35

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