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December 30, 2014


I didn't even notice how many items I now own from H&M - I'm hooked! H&M is affordable, stylish, unique, on trend and good quality. I don't think there is one shop that I currently think I could buy any item from, and I wouldn't have a problem with it.
Sometimes you know its best to buy a certain fit dress from a certain shop, or some shops have amazing everything but the shoes are naff, you get my drift; but H&M do good in just about every fashion and clothing category. This is why I had to dedicate a post solely to H&M. 

I also didn't realise how much I love wearing black and grey until I was choosing my favourite sale items, and started to edit the images and realised everything was black or grey, hah! But if you know me I'm very all or nothing. One day I'll be wearing the best part of the clothing above with no colour. Then the next day id be wearing something so eye catching, bright or brave! Anywho, how gorge are the above pieces?? They may be 'dull' colours but they play around with textures, faux leather, knit, faux fur and sequuinnnsss oOoOoooo.

I hope you make the most of the Christmas/winter sales since it will still be super cold for ages, and the most part of the bits and bobs in the sale are still super fashionable, or like my fav picks above, they are super stylish and could be worn through more than one season, and for a long time. I hope this helped. Happy Shopping.

Jumper in a textured knit - was £14.99 now £7
Marled Cardigan - was £14.99 now £8
Rib knit jumper - was £19.99 now £10
Cowl-neck jumper - was £14.99 now £7
Pile jacket with sequins - was £49.99 now £25.00
Fake fur clutch - was £29.99 now £15.00
Platform boots - was £29.99 now £15.00
Imitation leather trousers - was £29.99 now £15.00
Platform boots - was £29.99 now £15.00
Knitted tube scarf - was £6.99 now £3.00
Loafers with fringes - was £24.99 now £15.00
Fake fur jacket - was £41.99 now £35.00

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