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December 15, 2014

*Once in a blue moon - The Gym

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Regardless of the fact that I pay £17.99 a month to go a gym 12 times a year, I refuse to give up my membership. Sorry that this comment is not helping you save money, but its the truth and I wont hide it from you. I feel like, if I give up my membership then theres no way in hell im getting there, and its not the whole 'gym' part that I dislike, its the whole 'getting there' thing and being tired all the time,
whether of not my gym is literally 5 mins away from me. Anyyyyywho, when I actually get to the gym I stay for ages and I just loooove being there, getting me there is a lot easier said than done. But when I do go, I do like to look nice and not like a total homeless person (minus the face LOL) I remember when I first joined the gym whilst I was at University and I spent a whole £40 on gym clothes, and kept the exact same ones since. I haven't lost much weight, and only go 12 times a year so these clothes aren't worn out at all. But once in a while its nice to buy something new for an 'occasion' or 'event' or 'thing that I do once a month other than visit aunt flow' so thats why I choose these 'work out' leggings from Miss Tempted. They are super affordable, super stretchy, comfy and the material is not thin at all. They are perfect for a once in a blue moon - post xmas day at the gym! This slight change has his has motivated me to start going again, what other tips do you guys have with motivating yourself to go to the gym? Comment below...

- Happy Shopping

Shoes - Not sure of the store/price but are Mckenzie
Leggings - Miss Tempted - Gifted
Jumper - Not sure of the store/price but is Adidas

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