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November 04, 2014

#TuesdayTalk - Other People's Thoughts, Other People's Actions.

Hi guys, so recently I have noticed more and more bloggers helping other bloggers in one way or another, about subjects which are much less beauty and fashion related. If you have been following some of my favs like Gracie Francesca, then you will know how helpful these posts can be not only to others but to the writer themselves. We have all heard of Sunday Strength, Motivational Monday and for some time now, I wanted to join in with these positive, helpful posts. Today was the day that I decided to take the plunge and just do it. 

- Also if your wondering what the picture is, its my view when I wake up. I live in an attic and can see the sky, the sun, clouds and the stars when I open my eyes.

Todays Tuesday Talk post is going to be lightly based around other peoples thoughts and how our actions can affect that. I am also going to talk about when the tables are turned and how peoples actions can affect our thoughts. By this point in the post my cursor has been flashing for about 15 minutes. I wanted to share a real life story about a time where other peoples thoughts and actions affected me. I guess I'm slightly scared to opening up to all of you on such a personal level, but here goes..

Have you ever felt so happy, content and balanced about a certain situation? Whether it was work, or a relationship, what you are wearing, eating, doing? Then have you ever had anyone, whether it was someone you knew well or not, say something about the situation that was a point of view you didn't believe or had never heard before? Did that opinion change your perspective on things, or even make you think twice about it?

Im going to talk to you about two situation's where both other peoples thoughts and actions, created a reaction of my own, thoughts and actions.

First - 'I remember in the first half of my last relationship, I was happy and content with the way things were going. At times, I would want things to go better than they were, but I had to remind myself that relationships are hard work and I was okay with that. I remember vaguely the first time my mind thought a thought that It didn't want to think. (if that makes sense) 

My boyfriend at the time was going to some sort of event, it was either a birthday party or a wedding, something like that. I don't remember what I was doing, but either way he told me about it and I told him to have fun. I remember being on the phone to a family member, and we were having a great conversation about everything really, and the conversation turned to him and how he was, and what he was up to that night. I told them where he was and their first response was 'why aren't you invited?' My mind immediately started searching for a good excuse of why I wasn't invited. I didn't have a reason, there was no good reason for me to say why I wasn't invited. But then I was annoyed, because nothing had changed prior to my feelings 30 seconds ago. Why all of a sudden was I looking for a 'good' reason to why I was not going to the event. I lied, I said i was working or didn't want to go or something. But now, when I look back I think, just because I wasn't invited doesn't mean there is some sly, horrible or specific reason as to why I wasn't invited. Sometimes when your in a relationship, you want to do a few things on your own and stay a little independent. If this person has distrust in my relationship, its their problem, not mine. 30 seconds prior to their thoughtless question I was completely content with the way I felt about that evening, and I had absolutely no reason to question anything.'

Second - 'I remember when I was very young, and trying to figure out who I was (don't get me wrong I still am) But I would be upset if I didn't like the same things as my friends. For as long as I know, I have never favoured chocolate ice-cream and I remember all my friends did. I used to think, well maybe if I liked chocolate ice-cream too, we would have more in common hence we would be closer friends.' 

Im hoping that if not most, then all of you are telling yourself that that is the silliest thing you have ever heard. Because it is. Its silly, you are going against yourself, you are becoming your own worst enemy. These experiences, and then some, taught me to always stand up for what I believe in. I know I can be a very influential person and sometimes doubt my thoughts and actions, but I shouldn't. Im not always right, but I am not always wrong either. Thank God that in high school, I decided that I like what I like, and I don't like what I don't like. So i'm 'sorry not sorry' that I absolutely love vanilla ice-cream, no sauce, no sprinkles. And 'sorry not sorry' that it may be the most boring thing your ever heard of, but I enjoy it, and thats all that matters.

I would appreciate it if you guys would tell me your thoughts on this subject, did it help you? Have you experience and overcome similar situations? - Also, please share this post if you believe it will help someone you know.

Lets be friends..

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