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November 08, 2014

'Think Pink' - Lush Bath Bomb | Siana

Ummm so I may or may not be super late on the whole 'Lush Bath Bomb Review' thingy especially since they have launched so many amazing new products specifically for Halloween & Christmas. BUT This year, was the first year that I have ever shopped in Lush - IKR!? Madness.
Anyways, I have gone back again and again, and I am so happy that I finally made the plunge to try some not so basic, eczema friendly products. What I mean by that is, I literally used to use Simple + Dove products only. Don't get me wrong, those products are amazing, and I love them, but sometimes you just want something bright pink and filled with flowers which smells like candy floss, no?

The Lush bath bomb is a bath bomb filled with joy and wonders and stuff thats pretty. This specific one is called 'Think Pink'. For me personally, it smells like sweets and candy floss and flowers and everything good in life. As you can see in the pictures below, there is a lovely process to the dissolving of the product, it was quite fun to watch. Once the bath bomb had fully dissolved, my water was much more soft and my bathroom smelled lovely. To be honest, apart from that and the fact it smells pretty awesome there is not much more to this bad boy, I much prefer their bubble bars. My favourite Lush bath products are their bubble bars! They do all the above, PLUS create the most amazing bubbles you can imagine! 

This Bath Bomb retails at £2.65 each and lasts for one bath.

Here is my current favourite - 'Karma' -

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