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October 31, 2014

The Vixen & Blush Halloween Hair Competition *

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Hey lovelies! So I used to love halloween! I would love dressing up, and going trick or treating and having lots of fun. But as you grow older, you cant really get away with trick or treating anymore and it becomes harder, not to mention more expensive to enjoy this time of year.
This year I had work on halloween, so didn't have any major plans anyway, PLUS I went to the Company BSHS Event the night before, and dressed in a halloween theme. But I found out about a halloween hair competition which was being held by Vixen & Blush, 
which is a London hair extensions brand with salons in Shoreditch and Clapham. I decided to enter their Halloween Hair Competition just for a bit of fun. Considering I had no time to go out and buy anything new, and I HATE backcombed/messy hair extensions, I would consider my hair for the evening something out of the ordinary, for me.

To get this super affordable look, I literally just took a hair brush and backcombed my hair a lot! I added a hella lot of hair spray too! I thought I would make a little more effort and add some colour. In my Company BSHS goodie bag I received some green hair chalk SO I decided to rub loads of that into my hair just to make it stand out a little. To be honest the product didn't work so well with my hair extensions and it just faded away literally straight after. Then I got super DIY and decided to throw in something else. I bought these fairy lights from Poundland for halloween, which have tiny little pumpkins on them. Soo, I took one off of one of the bulbs, knotted a hair band and shoved it inside the hollow pumpkin. Then i added a bobby pin to the hair band and bobs your uncle I made my own halloween hair accessory! I was dying to add loads around my head, but I was already running late for work and couldn't afford to be any later!

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