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November 22, 2014

*The Slimming Colour - outfit 3 | Siana

| Shoes | Skirt | *Top | Jacket | Hat |
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Hey guys, sorry this post went up late, was exhausted last night and needed a nap before my second job. ANYWAYSSSS, woohoooo its the weekend, who went out last night? who's going out tonight? Have a drink on me :) Sooo similar to the first two posts in this series, which you can view here or
search it in my search bar over there >. This is another how to look fabulous in black post - basically.

OH PLUS - see how to get my hair colour here :)

 Its all about shapes and textures, since you cant work with colour or tone. So here I have played around with my silhouette, a tight fitting body con skirt helps me to flaunt my hourglass figure. I have a smaller waist than bottom so I tied this top into a knot on the side to give the outfit, personality and to also flaunt my figure more. The top is a basic fit and would look perfect for a casual outfit, but I wanted to go for a more smart/casual/sexy look with my little DIY touch. The top is from Miss Tempted and you can receive 20% off with the code 'SIANA20' - happy shopping :)

I added the Leather jacket for a dominating sexy touch, oh plus its like freezing outside right now. This hat is ammmaaazing its from topshop, and flops in all the right places, again, I'm playing around with shapes/curves. 

Who else thinks its way too early for xmas decorations? Because I dont :D They are all from primark FYI!

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Shoes - H&M - £25
Skirt - Topshop - £10 (sale)
Top - Miss Tempted - Gifted
Jacker - ASDA - Unknown
Hat - Topshop - £26 (bought with discount)

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