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November 14, 2014

Styling: Dogtooth print - outfit 5 | Siana

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We have come to the fifth and final outfit from my 'Styling Dogtooth Print' week, I had soo much fun styling these outfits and I hope you have enjoyed them. If you missed the last four outfits then click HERE to view them. Also, if you liked this fashion edit and would like more, then please share!

For my final outfit, I thought I would 'tackle' double print! My only advice when doing this is that it all depends on what style you are going for! I was going for a simple, stylish look with a bold
division of colour between prints. (if any of that makes sense hah) I thought monochrome was working well with these prints, but I wanted an outfit with a little more colour. This mustard/yellow colour is key for this A/W season and it also works well with burgundy!

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Shoes - Bershka - £18
Trousers - H&M - £15
Jumper - H&M - £8
Scarf - Primark - £6
Bag - Primark - £6

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