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November 10, 2014

Styling: Dogtooth Print - Outfit 1 | Siana

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Eeeekk, I have been way to eager to share the next five days with you guys!! I have styled FIVE super affordable outfits based around the print dogtooth, and I'm super happy that the wait is over :) I know it can be hard sometimes to style outfits which contain a strong print or pattern, but I am here to tell you, its not that hard and doesn't have to break the bank either! When styling with print, I used to stay clear of wearing any strong colours, other prints or textures because I was afraid that it wouldn't
'match' my outfit. Forget that, because I have five completely different, completely original outfits styled by myself, which play around with bold colours, textures and double print!!

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Outfit 1: I have based this outfit on texture rather than colour. I kept the colours monochrome, so playing around with different textures would be easier. Lets start from the bottom and work our way up. Converse, the most versatile shoe ever, right? This shoe gives my outfit a slightly less girlie look since lace, fluff and pearls scream girly girl, I like to give my outfits a slight edge/sexiness. Speaking of sexiness, these long socks and mini skirt are the perfect combo if you are going for a 90s theme. I have been loving 90s styling recently, and the lace trimming on this super affordable mini babe adds style. This fluffy jumper is my go-to girl when wearing anything high wasted, I love it! Its worn quite cropped, but if I give it a little pull, it lowers to where I want it - and don't worry, once washed it goes back to its original shape. Pearls, Chanel, Me = Love. I have had these pearls for way too long! I cant believe they are still in good condiiton, thank yoooou Primark. Watch is urban outfitters, its something that I cant live without, I love it.

Converse - Office - 45
Socks - Stole from my little sister lol
Skirt - H&M - £5
Bag - Primark - £6
Jumper - Primark - £10
Necklace - Primark - £2
Watch - Urban Outfitters - £35

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