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July 08, 2014

The Summer Trouser | Siana Youtube

Hey guuuuys, wow its been such a long time since I posted on here, I do apologise! 

Sooo summer is here, finally! Wohoo! And its time to either rummage through that summer suitcase, pull off those tags from new & unworn clothes OR get on the hunt for some newness for the nicer weather. 

I'm here to prove that wearing trousers in the summer (on a budget) is totally doo-able! Whether you've missed your 'wax/shave', feel more comfortable in trousers, or agree that its just not hot enough for a skirt, read on to find out my tips and tricks on summer trousers. Whether your budget allows you to splurge on some newness or your having to rummage through old clothes, who cares! Ive done a bit of both here and I'm sharing my tips and tricks to get you through this lovely weather. 

(Primark trousers were bought myself. New look trousers were bought with a gifted gift card from new look marketing, all opinions are my own)

Please watch the video here:

1. New Look Clown Pants £17.99 (gifted)

What I love about these clown pants are that they are not too tight... anywhere! They fit very comfortably, and the length is not too long for little ol' 5ft 2 me. I feel very confident in these trousers, whether I'm having a 'breath in' day or not! The lovely pattern has a mixture of colours so these trousers matched almost every crop top in my wardrobe. Remember New Look have student discount so take advantage! I bought these trousers in a size 12.

*SIANA TIP* - When choosing trousers or any item of clothing for that matter, the more clothes it "goes with" in your wardrobe, the more outfits you can create with this one extra item. If you buy an item of clothing which only looks good with one other thing, you will have one great outfit. If you buy an item which goes with five other things in your wardrobe, you now have five great outfits!

2. Primark Trouser - £9 (bought in spring 2013)

What I love about these bad boys is the price! I bought these for just £9, full price. Thank you Primark. They feature a tight waistband, and they are also tight around the ankle! Don't worry they are not too tight, they have an adjustable pull string.  These trousers have a very original pattern, which features both bright and strong colours as well as some more subtle calm colours. They are great for those days in summer which just don't seem like summer at all, brighten up your day without standing out too much! I bought these in a size 12. 

*SIANA TIP* - For a more wearable look, choose a trouser which can look great in more than one weather condition. I can wear these trousers whether the sun is beating down or not. The dark blue can cater for those days which are still warm, but a little gloomy, and the splash of brightness is perfect for when the sun shines.

3. Primark Trouser - £9 (bought in spring 2013)

Last but certainty not least are these trousers again, from Primark. They are actually the same style pant with a different design. The reason why I choose to buy this design is because the pattern is so bright, funky and quirky. I love the messy patterns and the bright colours, it can really brighten up the day. 

*SIANA TIP* - The reason why I am able to wear these pants again this year is because the print is season friendly. What I mean by that is, for example; Right now a lot of clothing is favouring Pineapples, which is fresh and perfect for right now. BUT, next year Pineapples could be a thing of the past and BANANAS could be the latest fashion. Or whatever. But by buying these pants, they have no specific theme, colour, or print. So to be honest, as long as rebellious and bright are in fashion.. I'm good to go for another year. 

Thanks so much for watching/reading. I really hope I helped you save money & look better for less this summer! Enjoy the sun while you still can & fell free to use my share buttons below. 

If you have any tips for my readers please pop them down below, we can share tips :)
Enjoy your day/night

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