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May 29, 2014

Celeb Prom Style on a Budget! | Siana

Hey guys, sooo for some of you PROM is round the corner and the biggest stress of the year is finding THE PERFECT dress, am I wrong? To be honest, when I found out I was going to prom, I wanted the biggest, most expensive, princessy, promy, sparkly, pink fluffy amazeballs dress ever. What I ended up wearing was not that at all, but it was a gorgeous dress, and very budget friendly!

This fashion post is being inspired by 'celebrity prom dates.' More specifically, I am inspired by the dress Nina Agda wore when asked to the prom by the high school teen Jake Davidson. (see image above) The supermodel and Danish beauty wore a stunning green maxi dress, which I feel can flatter if not all, then most figures. So keep on reading if you would like some advice and a few tips to de-stress the thought of the prom dress! PLUS some budget friendly alternatives from

So here I have hand selected a few favourites from the New Look Prom Dresses selection. The selection offers some gorgeous dresses for super low prices, so make sure to check them out here.

This maxi dress is perfect for Prom. Its a great alternative to Nina's dress above, as it features a similar colour and silhouette. This amazing dress also features FIFTEEN different ways of wearing it! So whatever style you like, I'm sure there is one for you. Check out the website for more details. This dress retails at £79.99. Depending on your personal preference New Look offer alternative colours, so you can pick the dress that best suits you. For me personally, I prefer the Cream colour below. It gives off a wedding feel, plus the colour is flattering to my skin tone, it would help me look glowing. Although, the Black version of this dress would be the most flattering, PLUS it looks super sexy in this enchanting colour. 

If that is still a little out of your budget, here are some even cheaper alternatives New Look offer. The Black dress below WAS £54.99 & is NOW available for am amazing £40! The dress has less detail but the silhouette is very sliming plus the single strap makes it more sensual.

This dress below, offers great detail, support with duo straps, much like the first dresses BUT is £20 cheaper! This retails at an affordable £59.99 Great colour for this season!

To be honest, I only spent around £40-50 on my prom dress, so I have hand picked some even cheaper alternatives! If your anything like me, at my prom, I needed a dress which was practical for all that dancing! So my next options sit above or on the knee! (depending on your height)

The dresses below were very similar to the dress I wore. Same silhouettes, same length, only my dress was pink. Obviously! Oh, and these are much cheaper! These pastel babes retail at an amazing £34.99. They offer beautiful detailing around the neck so you can save on jewellery, plus this shape dress is very flattering for figures bottom heavy. 

Saving the best till last.... 
My bargain of the week HAS to be this super affordable dress.... Many may be looking at the dress and thinking plain, boring, simple & not prom worthy. Where I see this dress as a blank canvas. You can experiment and be as creative as you like with your hair, makeup, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery. Where as with many of the dresses above, because the dresses stand out on their own, the rest of your outfit will have to be tamed. Where as this bad boy below can be worn 100 different ways & to 100 different events! This dress retails at an amazing super saving price of £12.99! Its Primark Prices!!

Let me know what you wore or plan on wearing to your prom, comment below or send me a picture, id love to see! I hope you guys are saving money this prom. REMEMBER, its not your wedding. Save the stress for then!

Thanks everyone! Feel free to share this post if you know someone who is stressing over their prom this year! 


  1. wow the new look dresses are gorgeous. I love the mint green one. I wish I could go to prom again just so I can wear a dress as lovely as that!