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April 30, 2014

Primark £1 Liquid Eyeliner | Siana

Hey guys, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you will already know how impressed I am with this Liquid Liner from Primark. I went to Primark a few weeks ago, and bought a whole load of their makeup range. I came home, recorded a first impressions makeup tutorial and was so unimpressed by some of the products I did not upload the video. I prefer to show you guys products that I DO like, rather than the stuff I don't. 

So after a few short weeks, I have been playing around with the stuff I do like, and here is one of my favs! I don't usually use Liquid Liner in this form. I usually use, gel liner or a felt pen. Ive always found my application with this sort of brush useless and messy. But today, I created this makeup look for my next haul video & I thought I would.. you know.. wing it. hah. 

Anyways, Im in love! The application was pretty simple. The brush is soft and thin, and the consistency of the liner is pigmented and harmless to my skin. No smudges yet & I've been wearing it for around 9 hours :-)

The liner costs only £1, and it available is quite a few Primark stores & I am in LOVE. I wore it on a date a few days ago, came home late, slept in my makeup (opsie) and when I woke up the liner was still there! Please be aware I use an eyeshadow primer as well as applying eyeshadow underneath the eyeliner. Which helps it last longer and avoids smudging too much. 

So yeah, props to the liner its my new best friend! If you guys would like to see a demonstration or something like that, let me know in the comment section below.

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