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April 12, 2014

First Ever Lush Haul | Siana Youtube

Hey guys! So I have this idea, right. From now on, whenever I post a youtube video to my Youtube Channel Siana Westley - I am going to have a little snippet post of it here on my blog. I realise that some people who read my blog, may not have a youtube channel to be able to watch/subscribe so if I post the videos here, you will be informed of my latest babble.
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So back to the video. Surprisingly enough, not only had I never shopped in Lush before, I had never even entered their store. I went to Westfields in London, looking for some well needed products and a lovely lady named Fran gave me the best service ever. Check out the video below to see what I purchased and find out why I had never shopped there before! Stay tuned till the end for some bloopers!!

What products do you guys recommend from Lush? I will definitely be returning! 

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