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March 24, 2014

The 'No Eyeshadow' Everyday Look by Siana - Superdrug Competition Entry

Hey savers! Do you want to recreate this everyday look without using any eyeshadow at all, and saving yourself lots of wonga? Then keep reading..

So as a saver in training, I know that buying pigmented eyeshadow can become costly. Especially as you need around 2-3 colours at least, to create a more professional look. That doesn't even include the different brushes you may want to use, to create different effects. I wanted to show you how you can create nice looks, by using products you probably already own in your makeup collection. #save

SO, Superdrug are currently running a competition to create a makeup look using only three products & this is my entry! I have here three products and some simple steps, which will help you to create an everyday look, by using NO eye shadows at all. The three products that I am using are:

1. Sleek Blush Palette in Sugar
2. Sleek Contor & Highlight Palette in Medium
3. Loreal Miss Manga Mascara in Black

* Prep the area. 
Make sure you have done all the steps you feel necessary before you start with this look*

*Take any eyeshadow brush, preferably a brush with sparse bristles & apply your bronzer/contor powder all over the lid, and stop at the crease. This will be your base colour. Using a contor powder works well because its not shimmery, and it will help you to create a more natural shadow, your powder should only be a shade or two darker than your normal skin tone*

*Dust off the brush, and blend any harsh lines*

*Grab a flat brush (or the same brush with more care) and choose a shimmery, summery blusher to apply all over the lid*

*Use the brush you applied your contor/bronzer with to blend again using sweeping windscreen wiper motions

*Use your highlight powder to brighten and open up the eye by applying it in the inner corner of your eyelids only. Pack/pat this onto your eyelid to avoid fallout*


*You can also apply the highlighter on your brow bone to help structure your face*

*Apply your Mascara. The reason why I love this mascara is because it creates a long, thick dramatic eyelash look, which I love. Apply onto your eyelashes using a side to side motion whilst dragging upwards. Do this a few times until your lashes are separated enough. Leave to dry whilst you do the other eye*

*When I come back to that eyelash, I will apply mascara onto the top/back of my lashes, this is what creates that thicker, longer more fluttery look. Then reapply mascara as normal to push lashes back into place*

& your done!! (sorry about the lighting)

Don't forget you can add the Siana touch, & add some liquid/gel eyeliner on your upper lid!

So I hope my tips will help you save money and time! 
What products do you have which have multi-uses?? 

Thanks for reading guys!

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