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March 22, 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - well affordable, well used & a well worth everything product | Siana

Happy Thursday to you savers! This is a review on a well affordable, well used, well worth everything product. Its the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I am in the shade 250, & let me tell you, I love love this shade for me & the tone works really well with my skin. 

 A new thing that I am going to be doing with my reviews is giving sian-nah's and sian-yahs. These are basically my version of yay or nay, pro or con, yes or no, hot or not. The Sian-Nah means "na" Something I don't like about the product. aka, nay, con, no and not. The Sian-Yah means "yah" Something I like about the product. aka, yay, pro, yes and hot. OK lets get into the review.

 If you guys want to see a live application, demonstration & my Sian-NAH's & YAH's watch the video here:


 I blow on the product so its distributed evenly, so when I go in with my stippling brush it picks up product evenly.
 Final Makeup Look

I wanted to do some more in depth reviews on products that I think really deserve it. 
'Products that are well worth the price'
That doesn't mean every single product I review will be uber cheap, it just means its worth the price I paid for it.

Why Maybelline?
I generally love Maybelline because their mascaras are amaaazing. Plus they always or almost always have great money saving deals, buy one get one half price is one of their popular promotions. Maybelline is an affordable brand, its available at most 'drug' stores and they have a huge variety of different cosmetics to choose from. The reason why I choose this foundation is because of the previous reviews and advertisements. They claim that the foundation shades are created in a way to make it easier for it to 'fit' your skin tone. Hekka yeah thats true! Im loving this shade on me.

Testing Maybelline..
I first bought this foundation a year ago, (I think) It was when I was experimenting with a few foundations because I wasn't really a foundation girl back then. (oh how times have changed) Anyways, to me, back then, this was pretty heavy for me to be wearing everyday. So if you are just starting out with makeup and you want something with a little more coverage than usual, this is a good one. Also, if you already use and experiment with foundations often, this is a good 'everyday' medium coverage foundation which is also build-able. For me now, this is my everyday go to foundation, especially if I'm in a hurry. It blends out quite quickly and doesn't need a lot of elbow juice to look nice and flawless on your face.

The application of this foundation is pretty easy to apply to your face, once you have a decent foundation brush. Any foundation brush would work with this one, a stippling brush, a flat brush, a square brush, anything really. Its pretty easy to work with, and doesn't dry up tooo quickly. (but i wouldn't recommend leaving it to dry on your hand before application, lol: see video) When i have a long shift at work (7-8 hours) I will come home and the foundation will still be on my face, obviously it has something to do with my primer & finishing spray, but yay for maybelline!

Check out my video review & application here:

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