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February 26, 2014

OOTD | 02.14 | Siana

Hey guys, this OOTD is based around this amazing fur collar that I bought from the Topshop sale! It was one of those "OMG" moments when I saw it and checked the current price. & since I receive an extra 25% off Topshop items plus Sale I HAD to have it.

see below for more details

Fur Collar - Topshop Sale £5.25
Skort - Boohoo £9
Top - Topshop Sale £12 approx
Blouse - Primark £9
Boots - Topshop Sale £20 approx

When I first saw it I was on the fitting rooms and a customer came in with some items plus the fur collar. So I held her accessories (including the fur collar) while she tried on her clothing. I saw a pink (sale) sticker hanging on the item whilst I was hanging it up and was shocked to realize it was in the sale. But knowing Topshop it would be real fur or real silk and cost like £200.

I had to check the price of it because it was such a stunning item, when I realized it was in the sale for £7 I was so shocked, and slightly jealous. When the customer returned for her accessories I (quite rightly) said "Omg I love this fur collar, I cant believe its so cheap youve got a bargain there. Let me know if you dont take it" LOL cheeky I know. Funnily enough 5 minutes later she came back and said "here you go"

You should have seen my face.

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