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December 23, 2013

BLOGMAS WEEK: Day 1 - Pizza Hut, The Drive & Christmas Decorations

Hey guys, so I decided to do a thing called BLOGMAS (I just made it up). So I will blog once a day for the week of Christmas, starting with Sunday (yesterday.) 
The most common thing on Youtube right now is these 'Vlogmas' videos, everyday in December. I wasn't really feeling to do that, plus I am now down in Somerset with my family, and they don't have a MAC or good editing software. Sooo I think a good BLOGMAS week would be super fun to do! Hope you enjoy.

Long story short - I have a dodgy knee. And my knee cannot stand to be bent for so long. (for example, when I'm sitting on a bus, after 20 mins my legs will HAVE to stretch) Anyyyyyways, After sleeping for an hour my leg started playing up, so I just slept again. then ate, then slept again. And finally I arrived at Taunton.  

 Lucy pulled a cute face & asked for pizza - so we had pizza for dinner, lol!

The most embarrassing thing happened - Lucy was standing outside and ran into the store while I was taking a photo. So after taking the photo, I shouted"gottcha" and looked up. Not knowing a man was walking past, and looked at me like I was crazy! I laughed and shouted "not you.." and he just looked away. #cringe

Me looking beautiful - as always. LOL. 

Reflection photo.

The Drive -

Christmas Decorations

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