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September 06, 2013

Super Cheap Beauty Blender Alternative

First of all I need to say:
(non sponsored)
I have never tried the branded Beauty Blenders which retail at £16.00 for one. I cant afford it. Im not going to pay £16.00 for a sponge! My beauty blender cost me £3.50 which saved me 12.50! This post is a review on the beauty blender I currently use, this is not a comparison of the two.

Why Beauty Blender?

The reason why I wanted to buy a beauty blender is because sometimes I would apply my makeup and it would look all patchy. I watch Youtube beauty videos often, and frequently the girls would be using these Beauty Blenders to apply their makeup instead of using a makeup brush. They used the BB for foundation, concealer and many other things.. the sponge was very versatile. 

When I researched the BB sponges I realised that I would not be able to buy one. I just don't have room in my budget to be spending £16 on a sponge. My weekly food budget is only £4 more than that! I had to make a choice, buy a BB and not eat for a week, or find an alternative. My alternative was eBay. 

Using BB..

- You save time doing your makeup
- Your makeup looks blended
- No need to wait for it to dry once washed
- Cheap!!
- No shedding
- Can use one side for foundation and the other for concealor

- Needs to be wet before using
- Takes up more space than a brush
- Can stain

Buy a Beauty Blender super cheap HERE

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