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July 07, 2013

Superdrug: 3 for 2 on all Nail Products

Right guys, my best tip for the next couple of weeks is to either splurge out on a years worth of beauty products, or grab some overtime at work and save for pay day! Superdrug is one of the stores which i most like to buy my makeup from, and they are having numerous deals, offers and discounts RIGHT NOW!! These include..

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Makeup Offers
Skin Care Offers
Toiletries Offers
Mens Offers
Baby Offers
Electrical Offers
Hair Offers
Health Offers
Accessories Offers
Half Price Offers
BETTER Than Half Price
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3 For 2
Buy One Get One Free
Buy One Get One Half Price
4 For 3
3 For 1
Other Savings

Here are some specific deals I have taken advantage of..

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes, Buy One Get One Half Price:

Maybelline Mascaras (Various Deals):

Superdrug Nail Care, 3 For 2:

Recent Nail Care Purchases

PREP & PRIME for nails

Seen as Superdrug are having these amazing deals at the moment, I thought I would buy the right gear to get my fingers prepped and primed for summer! I am an ex nail biter, but a current and frequent 'skin' biter. I bite the skin around my nails, but not my nails. Weird, I know right! I stopped a while back when I was going to an interview with Selfridges so my nails would look all glam. When I found out I didn't get the job, i started biting them again. But again, screw that! I want nice nails, because I want nice nails. 

1. Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover. I loooove nail varnish remover pads, but nothing beats good old fashion nail varnish remover liquid and some cotton wool pads! Works great every time.

2. Barry M Nail Pain in White. I dont know why, but white nail varnish is awesome. Just like black, works every time, all the time.

3. Elegant Touch Rapid Dry. For those times, which means all the time when your nail varnish takes 5 hours to dry. This leaves them touch dry in 60seconds.

4. Beat the habit! Dip your fingers in some nasty tasting sh*t. never bite them again. Seriously, if you forget and go to touch your mouth with your fingers, that stuff gets evvvvverryyywhereee.

Links below to purchase featured items!


(cotton wool pads not included in 3 for 2 offer, but are discounted atm)

BUY Elegant Touch nail polish remover HERE
BUY Elegant Touch rapid dry HERE
BUY Pretty Quik nail the habit HERE 
(cant find a link for above product on the Superdrug website, try visiting your Local Store)
BUY small cotton wool pads HERE
Buy Larger cotton wool pads HERE
BUY Barry M nail paint HERE

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