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July 06, 2013

REVIEW: Dior Forever Foundation & Dior Brow Styler

Hey guys, so first of all I would like to say, thanks for coming to my blog!! & second of all, do you guys ever get the feeling that your makeup just never looks right? Well I feel like I can never wear face products like foundation or bb creams. I don't know whether my face just doesn't like them, or I'm buying the wrong products. So I've tried out a few face products from high street brands such as Maybelline and The Body Shop. Im not going to lie, but I am a HUGE fan of anything discounted and cheaper alternatives and for that reason I've never tried a face product more than the price of around £10. SO. I have decided to UPGRADE my makeup collection, and purchase/invest in something a little more pricy. I want to know...

Does more money mean better quality makeup?

Why Dior?

When I flew to Mexico the lady in the airport was in charge of all of the makeup brands, so I took some time in telling her the effect I wanted. I was waiting to hear back from Selfridges as I had passed the first two stages of the interview process, and I wanted to look more flawless, for a longer time but still keeping that natural 'Made in Chelsea' look. She suggested Dior and I told her, I may purchase it if I had any money on my way back.

During the holiday I found out that I was not chosen for the job, so on my way back I was not going to purchase the foundation. For that reason, plus I was broke! After a few weeks I realised, I still cant find a good face product, and I don't care whether I work in Selfridges or not, I want to look good!

Sooo I went to a Debenhams in Taunton (where my mum lives) The only concessions I was considering buying from were Chanel & Dior. The Chanel girl was absent sooo hence (answer to the question) I went to the Dior counter. I recognised the bottles from the airport, and knew it was meant to be!

Testing Dior..

The Dior girl tried two foundations on me. They call them their 'light' foundation, then they have their medium and full coverage foundations. I tried on the light coverage foundation, and it looked like a bb cream. If I'm spending over £30 on a product, id prefer if it wasn't watered down thanks. That brings me back to my question 'does more money mean better quality makeup' Im not sure if the QUALITY is any better, but I know there is more product in medium coverage to light, and full coverage to medium. But thats quantity, not quality.

When trying on the medium coverage foundation, i loved it. It covered my flaws and didn't look too heavy on my skin.  cha ching!


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Brow Styler

Why Dior?

I had previously used the MAC crayon in spiked, which I loooved, because it glides on my eyebrows, doesn't look too heavy, too light or patchy, plus it lasts a good few months. So for £12, not bad at all. £4 a month!

I went into Debenhams in Oxford Street, walked around 100 times then asked the Dior girls where MAC was.. I always get these stores confused. They told me MAC was in Selfridges. But I was purchasing it with a Debenhams gift card, so I had to purchase an eyebrow pencil from there. So I just asked the lady do they do an eyebrow pencil, she say yes and she sat me down.

Testing Dior..

When she pushed up the pencil, it reminded me of those pencils you have in primary school. Which have the super thin piece of led, which you can twist or push up and down. I used to pull the led through the top, and push it back for fun!

Anyways, this was applying too lightly on my eyebrows I was thinking, uhm where is the product? This is how Dior have so much money... they are stoosh on QUALITY. But she built up the pencil on my eyebrows within seconds, and I was shocked. I love it. It gave me fuller looking eyebrows but a natural 'Made in Chelsea' look. Which is exactly what I wanted. Its lighter than the MAC eyebrow crayon, which is ok. I can apply it normally for a no makeup, makeup look. Or I can apply more for a fuller makeup look. £18 though... £6 more than mac.. I could buy six dinners with that money. May have to be a treat once in a while. INVESTMENT!


I use quite a bit of pressure when applying this to my eyebrows, i have really thin hairs and I want my eyebrows to look dark and full! The product doesn't ware away easily when applying it with pressure. Use short strokes in the direction of your eyebrow hair. I tend to lightly outline my brows, then go mad and fill in-between the lines.


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