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July 04, 2013

Cute, Casual & Sexy

I Didn't know whether to put this blog post in the Fashion page, or my Sale and Offers part of my blog. So I put it in both! Head to toe Topshop sale!

 The dress, shoes and necklace are all things I have bought recently in the sale, I just threw them all on at once because I wanted to see what they looked like on. Once I had them all on, I loved the final look!

I love to mix and match trends and styles for example I will wear a cute girly dress with boyish converses, to give my style some diversity.  The dress is great because it will never go out of fashion, I will be able to wear this for months ahead! The dress features two slits which are knee high on either leg. I am 5'4 and I am able to wear the dress with flats. The necklace only works if I wear it quite tight, and close to my neck.. if I wear it any lower it doesn't give as nice as effect. The boots are a size 8 for three reasons. It was the only size they had left, plus i have wide feet, and when I wear shoes with a high heel i need room for my foot to move around. I have a wide calf, so the bigger the shoe size the wider the calf leg. I will wear the boots with thick socks or an insole. I love this look because the dress is very casual/plain, but I've dressed it up with some sexy knee high black boots and a pink girly pretty necklace. Three styles in one!

Im going to leave the best until last and start off with the necklace. The necklace I bought was originally £18.50 and I got it for half price! The dress I bought for £15 and it was originally £28. The biggest discount I received was for my boots. They were originally £110, and they were on sale for £30! After applying a gift card, plus an online voucher code to receive free shipping I only paid £24... I bought all the items with my Topshop card, so I received an extra 25% off! So the boots, in theory were £18, amazing. I saved myself a whopping £92 quid!

Click here for Topshop Sale!

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