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June 26, 2013

Topshop Magic Liner & False Lash Mascara Review

Topshop have recently brought out a new mascara line, and as a huge mascara fan myself I HAD to try one out! They have four unique styles which include their Volume Lash, Waterproof Lash, Long Lash & (the one I bought) False Lash. All of Topshop's mascaras are £10 each and don't forget the makers of MAC cosmetics are also the makers of Topshop Makeup. I also bought my first 'pen/felt' liquid liner from Topshop in black its called Magic Liner - engraved.

Mascara - 4/5
Magic Liner - 4/5

It quickly maximises the length of my eyelashes, which help's me to save a lot of time. The bristles of the brush are plastic, so it give's the effect of a comb brush but with the actual features of soft bristle mascara combs. The Magic Liner works great, I no longer have to pull on my eyelids to get a straight line plus its less messy. Only down side to it is that I can get oily eyelids which makes the product print onto my eyelids.

TIP: Dust over a little powder onto your eyelids after applying the liner=no smudges.

I really love the design of both products, but the mascara breaks the conventional rules of 'mascara packaging design' for example, they have kept it simple, colours, fonts, white space etc. They are not trying so hard to grab the customers attention, which to me says 'we put effort into product, not packaging'

The only down side to this product I would say is the price. My Maybelline products are only £7.99 and frequently have offers for buy one get one free or half price. So for that reason, sorry Topshop mascara, you wont be on my next makeup shopping list!

Maybelline Mascaras
just because, well, there amazing.

Some of my favourites include Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Mascara (for length and flare), Maybelline Volume Express Colossal Smoky Mascara (for length).

BUY Topshop Mascara here
BUY Topshop Eyeliner here
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