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June 28, 2013

Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara in Very Black

As you guys read in my previous post, I love love love Maybelline mascara's. I'm down in Somerset with my family (mum, sis, nan) and I found a whole collection of Maybelline mascaras my mum has in her makeup collection!! Some are new, some are super old, some are half used and I found one still in the packet!

So after I went shopping in her makeup bag, I decided to try out the latest mascara from Maybelline - The Mega Plush Mascara in very black. This was the mascara which was still in the packet, after begging for a week for her to give me the mascara, she decided to let me borrow it for this review.

Mascara - 5/5


Amazing mascara.  This mascara glides on my eyelashes very easily and quickly. Maybelline have created their first mascara using a gel like formula, and I can definitely tell the difference. There was no clumps when applying, it never dried up or became stiff/hard. The mascara stayed flexible, and my eyelashes look super long, and fanned out.

The formula was created for us to be able to apply two layers or re apply mascara later on. Once I had applied my first layer, I waited around 1-2 hours and I reapplied the mascara. Applying it the second time was very easy, the mascara was still flexible enough to add an extra layer, plus my eyelashes looked even more longer and thicker!

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